Ellen W.

Clinical Massage Therapist
Staff Bio

Ellen has been employed at Galter LifeCenter since 2021. She has worked in this field since 2010.

Education/ Certifications:

  • Bachelor’s from the University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Diploma-New School for Massage Healing & Bodywork

Workshops attended: 

  • Shiatzu 1 at Zen Shiatzu
  • Visionary Cranial Sacral Level 1 with Sara Johnston
  • Cupping at Zen Shiatzu

Interests outside of work:
I participate in storytelling and have dabbled in acting classes and comedy writing. I just started learning pottery on the wheel. 

Places I have traveled: 
My main travelling is to be with family and friends. Minnesota, Michigan, and the West.

Philosophy that drives my work: 
Carolyn Myss has a sentence “your body is a biological record of every choice you have ever made” I keep this in mind when I work with people. Our bodies not only carry out our wishes but also hold the evidence of them and they deserve to be cared for. I think about facilitating relationships between minds and bodies.

Growing up, I thought the intellect was the most important thing, I had no control over my body--how tall I was or what I looked like. I invested solely in my brain. I was incredibly unhappy. I got my first massage when I was 19. I felt like an entirely new person and it illuminated the importance of the body and how it shouldn’t be dismissed.

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"I first came to Galter LifeCenter for physical therapy and I ended up liking the facility." - Laury